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0 to 800W LED Waterproof Power Supply Certified By EMC, LVD, ROHS.
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For every product, the essential ways to meet marketing needs are not only be testified by the market, but also  be improved by creation.  KRECO® does!
In order to get satisfication from customers, we peruse to make the best quality products for the market.
Under our efforts of all KRECO® staff, including electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, our LED power  supply series are certified by EMC,LVD and ROHS.
Constant Voltage range and constant current range. (see below)
"XXX"=030-800, the output voltage is DC3.0-80.0V,
"YYYY"=0001-9999, the output current is 0.01-99.99A,
"W" =representing the waterproof constant voltage or current type.

Trade Mark: KRECO®, BILLY®

Rating: Input: AC100-260V, 50Hz, 2.5A Max.